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I lost the Rudder

I lose the mountain in the thirsty coal that cries out to the cloud. I lose the Rudder using my compass in search of shortcuts. Threatened in the absence at the crossroads of paths, my Light hesitates. I tremble in the sudden swing of every emotion, when the “ego” gets hold of it. I get […]

Reflections on the diocese and the Church after Munilla

Bishop José Ignacio Munilla presided over the diocese of Donostia-San Sebastián from 2010 to 2022. The following is a response to the questionnaire proposed by the editor of RELIGIÓN DIGITAL, but is intended more as an in-depth reflection on the situation of the Catholic Church in general: 1) What has Monsignor Munilla left behind? After […]

Jesus of Nazareth

How can we let you just be yourself, without diminishing you, without manipulating you? How, believing in you, can we not proclaim you to be Equal, more important, better than Christianism?… Jesus of Nazareth, son and brother, Living in God and yet bread in our hand, trail and companion for the day, profound liberator of […]

What God, what Jesus, what Christianity?

Text of my intervention at the (telematic) I International Congress “Beyond Religions”, organised by GABRIELLI EDITORI in collaboration with ADISTA (April 2, 2022). I propose 10 points for reflection that I consider fundamental in these times of transition towards a non-theistic, post-theistic or transtheistic philosophy, theology and spirituality. This last term, “transtheistic”, is the one […]

With no shoes

We walk the trail of our life with no shoes on the cliffs above the sea. And our history is the history of the waves that break below, at our feet: splattering our faces with salt water, strongly, at times, whereas other times they are weak when they reach us, as if the pain of […]


Harmony comes from the Greek word harmodso, to join. There is harmony wherever there is equilibrium, proportion, conjunction of different elements, as it occurs in a proportionate building, well combined with itself and the environment. Or in music, a harmonic made of different but coordinated sounds. Dawn, greeted by a concert of blackbirds, thrushes, robins, […]

War, weapons and victory

The best weapons are the most nefarious instruments that beings detest. Those who follow the Dao shun them. Weapons are evil instruments, they are not noble instruments. Only out of necessity will he resort to them, for he loves peace and calm. So he does not celebrate victory. He who celebrates victory rejoices in slaughter. […]

Stop the invasion, promote politics

Brutality, atrocity, inhumanity, barbarism… entire dictionaries would not suffice to describe what we, powerless, stunned and anguished, are seeing these days on the plains and in the cities across Ukraine, in the heart of civilised Europe. How on earth did we manage –yes, in the first person plural– to reach this point in the 2020s […]

How war was born

How war was born Two monks had been together for many years and had never quarreled with each other. One day they became aware of this and felt surprised. They said to themselves that it could not be that they had to know the experience of so many people that quarrel; otherwise they would not […]

They have taken away the words from our mouths

They have taken away the words from our mouths, our poems die under the bombs with those who are killed in Kiev, in Mariúpol and in Kharkiv. The brutal force wants to impose fear and it appears to win on the sweet banks of the Dniéper. But we know that a brotherly people will always […]