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Fire in the Catholic Church

In April 2019, while the world stared with astonished eyes, the flames destroyed a seizable part of Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral, the most beautiful cathedral in the world, the one I had visited so many times with deep emotion. But those flames were nothing compared to the devastating fire the Sauvé Report just set on, […]

Today I celebrate Francis of Assisi

            Today, 4 October, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, little, poor and brother, a past that is future. 800 years ago, he wrote: Blessed is the servant who would love his brother as much when he is sick and cannot repay him as he would when he is well and can repay him […]

I don’t want to be a dualist

The article “Yo quiero ser dualista” (I want to be a dualist) recently posted by Carlos F. Barberá on the ATRIO website (www.atrio.org) takes me somewhat by surprise and leads me to certain reflections, which I will set out calmly and simply. 1. The first thing I find perplexing has to do with the title. […]

Theologian Bishop JOHN SHELBY SPONG died

June 16, 1931 – September 12, 2021. Thank you, Brother John Shelby Spong! for your free, innovative, inspiring, prophetic theology!   There are few theological giants who shape the way that entire generations relate to their sacred texts. Bishop John Shelby Spong, through his intelligence, kindness, and love of scripture, did just that. Bishop Spong […]

A bishop falls in love and resigns: where is the problem?

The still spreading mediatic circus about the already emeritus bishop of Solsona (Catalonia) annoys me deeply. The morbid fascination, gloating, mockery, malicious or unfair personal attack is disgusting to me. Not to mention the serious distortion of human and theological criteria revealed by all that. Xavier Novell –what a relief not to have to add […]


If we lack the voice, if we cannot say what we want, if we cannot shout the pain of our complaints, I’ll stay with her today: HOPE. If we lack truth and justice, if we don’t have the courage to fight for her, if our struggles are on dry land, I’ll stay with her today: […]

NEITHER PHILOSOPHICAL DEISM NOR “JESU-CHRISTIAN THEISM” Endnotes to some pages by Jesús Martínez-Gordo

Let these reflections be accompanied by the appreciation and affection I have for Jesús Martínez-Gordo, a brilliant, fiery lecturer, and esteemed teaching colleague during my good old days at the Faculty of Theology in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country). These are endnotes to the recent “PLIEGO” (monographic booklet) published in VIDA NUEVA and subsequently posted on ATRIO […]

Searching for happiness

On a splendid morning, tired of living, bored with the daily routine, I left in search of happiness. As I was walking I saw the red glare of the poppies in the fields, the whiteness of the daisies, the deep blue of the lilies on the slopes. I gathered them in a bouquet, but the […]

Good luck? Bad luck?

A poor and elderly farmer lived with his son and they only had one horse to till his fields. A few days before harvest the horse ran away. Neighbors came to visit him and mourned the loss at such an inopportune time. But he replied: “Good luck? Bad luck? Only the Eternal knows it ”. […]