LGTBIQ+: Impure in the Church

Recently, James Martin, well-known United States Jesuit and writer, sent a letter to Pope Francis with the three questions that he most often receives from Catholic LGTBIQ+ people (lesbians, gays, transexuals, transgenders, bisexuals, intersexuals, queer and other sexual identities and orientations).  A few days ago the Pope’s response was published. Here you have the questions […]

I lost the Rudder

I lose the mountain in the thirsty coal that cries out to the cloud. I lose the Rudder using my compass in search of shortcuts. Threatened in the absence at the crossroads of paths, my Light hesitates. I tremble in the sudden swing of every emotion, when the “ego” gets hold of it. I get […]

Jesus of Nazareth

How can we let you just be yourself, without diminishing you, without manipulating you? How, believing in you, can we not proclaim you to be Equal, more important, better than Christianism?… Jesus of Nazareth, son and brother, Living in God and yet bread in our hand, trail and companion for the day, profound liberator of […]

With no shoes

We walk the trail of our life with no shoes on the cliffs above the sea. And our history is the history of the waves that break below, at our feet: splattering our faces with salt water, strongly, at times, whereas other times they are weak when they reach us, as if the pain of […]

War, weapons and victory

The best weapons are the most nefarious instruments that beings detest. Those who follow the Dao shun them. Weapons are evil instruments, they are not noble instruments. Only out of necessity will he resort to them, for he loves peace and calm. So he does not celebrate victory. He who celebrates victory rejoices in slaughter. […]

How war was born

How war was born Two monks had been together for many years and had never quarreled with each other. One day they became aware of this and felt surprised. They said to themselves that it could not be that they had to know the experience of so many people that quarrel; otherwise they would not […]

They have taken away the words from our mouths

They have taken away the words from our mouths, our poems die under the bombs with those who are killed in Kiev, in Mariúpol and in Kharkiv. The brutal force wants to impose fear and it appears to win on the sweet banks of the Dniéper. But we know that a brotherly people will always […]

The violin and the nightingale

A Tribute to Pello Zabala (… ……+ in Arantzazu on Feb 2nd, 2022) “Once upon a time a violin heard a nightingale sing. The small bird produced registers the violin had never heard before: gurgles, trills, high-pitched and happy gurgles. The violin was envious and wanted to sing like the nightingale; realizing that it could […]

Thich Nhat Hanh – “I am not here”

On January 22nd, Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese writer and poet, Zen buddist monk and teacher of life in mindfulness died at the age of 95. He was a peace activist. He fought in the VietNam and was persecuted both by the communist North as well as by US backed South. In 1972 he became a […]


Miren deeply hated the profound fear her mother experimented at all times as if glued to her body, her tendency to see everywhere the footprints of evil and death, her language full of be-carefuls and just-in-cases. She deeply hated the consequences of that fear: days were always full of prohibitions, rules, prayers, Masses and other […]