I choose to believe in God

I have no scientific proof that God exists, nor of what there may be after death. By now, when I am into my 80s, my faith is riddled with doubts. I’m bubbling with questions as I face the structural cruelties of the powerful, the suffering of the innocent, the poverty of so many people, natural […]

What did we rise to life to?

Did you rise to life from isolation? Did you rise to life from money? Did you rise to life from sadness? Did you rise to life from the plaintive complaint? Do I still smell dead or did I rise to life? Did I return to walk through justice paths? Do I continue the same or […]

Loreto, a bright life

Loreto Rey Arnáiz has left an indelible memory in many people. Her task has been a permanent call to live joyfully in favour of others, particularly those who suffer the most in our world. She belonged to the Workers’ Vanguard Christian Community from its start, and suffered a multitude of searches by Franco’s police in […]

Bird confidences

Faithful alarm clock and echo of so many human conversations that tell us what we do not sing: silent loves, exciting proposals, indecent reconciliations,fiery love, quieter struggles one step away from throwing in the towel. (Toño Martinez. This morning listening to a bird on my balcony) Translated from Spanish by Andrea González Tamayo


Press on, whenever we are surrounded by turmoil and noise, press on because peace dwells in silence. Live, if possible, live in harmony with everyone without betraying ourselves. Tell, tell our truth simply and clearly and never be tempted to impose it on anyone. Listen, listen attentively, to the ignorant and simple, too, because each […]

Do not abandon

Do not abandon. Even if it seems to you that the night has no end, even if you are overwhelmed by this time with no hugs, even if your breath freezes in your guts, even if you don’t see spring bloom. Because after the deepest darkness always points to a new day, because eternity is […]

I write verses, gentlemen

I write verses, gentlemen, I write verses,but I don’t like being called poetess,I like wine just like bricklayers doand my assistant talks to herself.This is a fun world,things occur, gentlemen, that I do not disclose,cases occur, but houses are never given*to the poor who cannot pay.There are still spinsters with dogs,there are still married men […]

If it were your child

If it were your childyou would fill the seawith ships of any flag. You would want them all together, in millionsmaking the bridge to let your children pass throughVery attentive, you would never leave your children alone. You would cast shadowso their eyes do not get burnt,you would cover themso that they do not get […]

You are looking for an experience

You are looking for an experience: God, beauty… This means that you see what you are looking for as an object. In this case, simply explore who sees. When you explore really, you will understand that you look for who sees. It is the most direct way, if we can talk about a way. Be […]

To Joe Biden, hoping for another civilization

Mr. President of the United States of America: I wish you Peace and Goodness. It would be pretentious for me to address these lines to you thinking that they could even reach you. It is not so. It is only my way to join the universal outcry that expresses pressing concerns in this crucial moment […]