Believers who rethink their faith

We are living in a time of profound planetary civilizational transformation, the most profound and accelerated of the human species Sapiens since its origins 300,000 years ago. We have never been so powerful, yet we have never felt so insecure and vulnerable. It is a time of integral crisis which places us before the great […]

Rethinking Christianity

(Foreword to: Por un cristianismo creíble. [In Support of a Credible Christianity] Author: Pedro Miguel Ansó-Esarte. Publ. Tirant lo Blanc, 2024) What you have here is a tremendous little book, profound and simple, interesting and vibrant, critical and impeccably respectful, and brimming with information and clarity. Each chapter, brief yet substantial in equal measure, strikes […]

Science, Philosophy and Theology for the 21st Century

ScienceEpilogue to a book of lights and challenges I thank Agustín Gil for this book, which is so clear-sighted and necessary for today. These are difficult and decisive times for humanity and the entire community of the living.Denialism and dogmatism – two disorders only apparently opposed – are the symptom of a planetary civilizational malaise. […]

Keys to a transtheist Christology

It is not easy to offer today a presentation of Jesus of Nazareth that is brief, substantial and easy to understand, in addition to being interesting and novel. Annamaria Corallo has done so in this book and I congratulate her with the same pleasure that I have read these pages. Pages that instruct the mind […]


The pages I am presenting to you, dear reader, are much more than just a series of pertinent, well-documented, up-to-date reflections on spirituality. They are the reflective testimony of a lifetime. They are true words of witness. They exude the breath of life. Félix Placer, a free, dedicated man who at the age of 84 […]