Praying without believing in a theistic god

“Theism” is as ambiguous as theos (god in Greek) from which it derives, but today it expresses the belief in a god which is a metaphysical supreme being, omnipotent creator and external to the world, in which it intervenes when and how it pleases. A god in which an increasing majority of our society cannot […]

Personal, not institutional, support for Pope Francis

I agreed to express my support for Pope Francis, but not without misgivings. “It will be personal, not institutional, support,” I warned. Let me explain: my misgivings have nothing to do with him as a person, but with the institutional figure –the absolute papacy– that he continues to represent, with the clerical, masculine model of […]

Science, Philosophy and Theology for the 21st Century

ScienceEpilogue to a book of lights and challenges I thank Agustín Gil for this book, which is so clear-sighted and necessary for today. These are difficult and decisive times for humanity and the entire community of the living.Denialism and dogmatism – two disorders only apparently opposed – are the symptom of a planetary civilizational malaise. […]

Christmas and the future of the human species

On 1 December, as the season called Advent (Coming) covering the four weeks leading up to Christmas was about to commence in the Christian liturgical calendar, Leonardo Boff’s weekly column was entitled “Are we approaching the end of the human species?” Basically, it reproduces a text published in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. For years […]

Keys to a transtheist Christology

It is not easy to offer today a presentation of Jesus of Nazareth that is brief, substantial and easy to understand, in addition to being interesting and novel. Annamaria Corallo has done so in this book and I congratulate her with the same pleasure that I have read these pages. Pages that instruct the mind […]

Javier Garrido. In God’s name?

A few days ago, the final judgment handed down by the Rota (ecclesiastical court) was made public; it harshly condemned the Navarrese Franciscan Javier Garrido, a master and spiritual companion of great authority, author of numerous books on spirituality and Christianity, and one of the most recognised figures in the Franciscan Order, for “abuses of […]

From the rotating Synod to the statements of Bishop Omella

These are harsh winter days for those who thought there were springtime signs for reform in the catholic ecclesial institution. May they not lose their hope, or their breath! On Saturday, October 28, the synthesis of the first phase of the “Synod on Synodality” of the Catholic Church, the fourth in the 10 years of […]

We are all Israel and Gaza

“It is vicious barbarity by Hamas in response to even more serious, vicious barbarity by the Israeli government,” was my first thought that came to mind. I find Hamas’s action repugnant in its atrocity and senselessness. I can only understand it as an evil expression of hatred, revenge, despair and powerlessness accumulated over eight decades. […]

From the brother of Assisi to the brother of Rome

I never wanted to be important, just the lesser brother of the smallest ones and of all the forgotten ones. But, due to circumstances of history, the day on which I passed from this mortal life to the full Life became an important date for many sisters and brothers of evangelical dreams. My passing –which […]

Why do we suffer? Can we break free?

Many animals –ranging from worms to mammals, including insects, molluscs, amphibians, fish, reptiles and birds– feel pain. And they do not simply feel a specific, isolated pain, but rather a general malaise of the organism. In different ways and to different degrees, but they suffer nevertheless. We human beings are part of an immense planetary […]