The possible and the impossible

“That’s the way it is” we say, not knowing if we mean a realistic lucidity or a defeatist abandonment. That’s the way it is, and anything else is not possible. That’s the way it is, and it is impossible to stand up, wait, breathe, hope, create: to be or to make being more. What is […]

Solitude that hurts, solitude that heals

[Text of de Lecture given in the Library of the Autonomous Community of Navarra, March 27, 2023] When my friends who organize this series of lectures on “spirituality and suffering” asked me to talk about loneliness and suffering, the first thing that came to my mind –as it often occurs to me- was the […]

Jesus’ Easter and Universal Easter

Easter arrived again. It is the Easterof Jesus, the crucified prophet, the singular image for Christians of the universal hope for all crucified people. It is the Easter of the first full moon of spring that so many cultures have celebrated thousands of years before our Christian Era: Chinese, Indians, Sumerians, Babilonians and Jews, and […]

Educating in an interiority made up of proximality

“Do we educate to achieve serenity and peace?” These are the opening words of this brief, dense book; they end with a black question mark and are surrounded by a white, empty space. In that white space of the question, the reader becomes trapped, suspended, attentive to silent, white emptiness. And calmly. That is where […]

Awaiting the Spring

Taking stock of Pope Francis’ 10 years Eight months following his election in November 2013, Pope Francis published the first of his major documents, which I believe is the best of all the texts written or signed by him: the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. It was like a programmatic proclamation. Like a spring proclamation. It […]

How many years in prison for sex offenders?

In October 2022 the Organic Law guaranteeing sexual freedom, more widely known as the “Only yes means yes” law, came into force in Spain. It stipulates that any sexual act without consent is now regarded as a crime of sexual assault, and the concept of mere “abuse” has been eliminated. The law covers any kind […]

God as creativity of the Universe

Is it still worth talking about “God”? I do not honestly know, but, in spite of all doubts, for many people –and for myself- it is still a good way to speak about the deepest and best unspeakable Mystery of the universe, and an inspiring source of justice and peace in a world that needs […]

Marko Rupnik and Faus’s letter

The recent open letter from the theologian José Ignacio González-Faus to his Jesuit brother Marko Rupnik, a renowned artist, and spiritual guide and who was canonically prosecuted and convicted for sexual assaults, deeply disappoints me because of what it says and what it does not say. I will begin by briefly commenting on some points […]

Christian Christmas and Universal Christmas

It could be that perhaps we do not like too much this Christmas with its illuminated streets, consumerist propaganda, over-played carols, unenthusiastic reunions, obligatory gifts…, or that we even dislike it. Yet, if we could free it from commercial exploitation, our deceitful ambitions, even from our boring liturgies, empty words and outdated dogmas, if we […]

8 Billion People

For the first time in the history of the Earth, written in fire, water and life, we Homo sapiens, a very recent species, have crossed the line of 8 billion inhabitants. I do not regard this as a glorious milestone, but rather as a worrying warning sign. We have nothing to celebrate, but much to […]