Loreto, a bright life

Loreto Rey Arnáiz has left an indelible memory in many people. Her task has been a permanent call to live joyfully in favour of others, particularly those who suffer the most in our world. She belonged to the Workers’ Vanguard Christian Community from its start, and suffered a multitude of searches by Franco’s police in […]

The sign of Saint Merry’s

In Les Halles de Beaubourg, the old Parisian farmers’ market, completely redone in the 1970s and turned into the commercial, cultural and artistic heart of contemporary Paris, there is a singular jewel: Saint Merry’s, a beautiful gothic church from the 16th century, in flamboyant style, called “the little Notre-Dame”. It is a museum of architecture, […]

An abused woman

This happened about thirty years ago on the banks of the Ganges in Benares. A woman whose age could just as easily have been thirty or fifty, because of the way TB had taken its toll on her, was holding her young son in her arms and beside her was her daughter, who was about […]

A man simply

A friend from the Balearic Islands writes to me: “Another great witness of light has left us: Mgr. Arturo Lona, the bishop of the poor. I still remember him wearing his jeans, his white T-shirt and his wooden crucifix hanging from his neck with a little rope tied to it. I met him in a […]

To Javier Pagola. In memoriam

I celebrate your life, Javier, now that you have gone, now that you have stayed never to go away, now that you have once again become fully one with the Source of Being, now that you LIVE. Sorrow weighs heavily upon us, of course, because the light of your eyes so full of clarity and […]

October 4, Saint Francis of Assisi: founder of the Franciscan family, Patron Saint of ecology, inspiration to thousands, claimed by people of all faiths as well as by those with no particular faith. Though born in the 12th century, he belongs to all ages He wrote these “Praises to God” or to Life, to the […]

I congratulate you, brother Flannery

I read that the Irish redemptorist priest Tony Flannery has definitely stood before the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith presided by the cardinal Luis Ladaria SJ. Congratulations, Brother Tony, as you are choosing life with its glory and cross! Tony Flannery was suspended from the clerical priesthood and condemned to the most […]

Pedro Freedom Casaldáliga – In Memoriam – Obituary

NOTE- The following text is part of a previous and longer article published in 2010 when the book Pedro Casaldáliga: Las causas que dan sentido a su vida (edited by Benjamín Forcano, Nueva Utopía, 2008) was presented in Vitoria (Basque Country). I publish it again here as a tribute to the mystic prophet and poet […]