Happiness of the gaze

Happy those who stop their gaze without haste, those who do not shy away from the others’ gaze.

Happy those who fix their most attentive gaze on the most every day events, and apparently insignificant.

Happy those whose immediate, daily problems do not prevent them from reach the horizon.

Happy those whose eyes have been cleansed of cobwebs by the passing of time, turning their gaze into clear transparency.

Happy those who contemplate and are able to see beyond: the causes and consequences of every situation.

Happy those who, when looking at a leave of grass, the blue poem of the sea, the beauty of some burning eyes, feel the universe beating deep inside them.

Happy those who let themselves be dazzled, those who reveal the negative of every situation, those who let themselves be surprised by flashes of reality.

Happy to those whose gaze without losing objectivity becomes contemplative and acquires the colours of light, of tenderness, of shade, of the authentic life spirit that lies in every human being, in our Mother Earth, in the Universe of which we humbly are part of.

(Miguel Ángel Mesa)

(Translated from Spanish by Andrea González Tamayo?