The power of the frail

One hand on the beauty of the world. The other one on the suffering of the people. Both feet jumping from the task to the party. And the heart on fire. (Matxalen Ojanguren Alonso) In the weakness of the human our deepest truth is revealed, because the heartbeat of the world is its frailty. (Pepa […]

To Pello Zabala, my travelling companion

My dear Pello, I am dedicating this brief, humble, heartfelt tribute to you. In a way it is a futile attempt, because there are so many who have already praised your gifts and achievements better than I am capable of doing; so I congratulate everyone. I gladly endorse all the praise. So, I will be […]

The violin and the nightingale

A Tribute to Pello Zabala (… ……+ in Arantzazu on Feb 2nd, 2022) “Once upon a time a violin heard a nightingale sing. The small bird produced registers the violin had never heard before: gurgles, trills, high-pitched and happy gurgles. The violin was envious and wanted to sing like the nightingale; realizing that it could […]

Northern Lights

Russian astronaut Serguéi Kud-Sverchkóv recorded and shared through social media a video showing the glow of planet Earth, Northern Lights and dawn as seen from the International Space Station.You can weep with so much beauty. We fly over the northeast of the Pacific Ocean. Quickly we move to the North Atlantic and from total darkness […]