Javier Garrido. In God’s name?

A few days ago, the final judgment handed down by the Rota (ecclesiastical court) was made public; it harshly condemned the Navarrese Franciscan Javier Garrido, a master and spiritual companion of great authority, author of numerous books on spirituality and Christianity, and one of the most recognised figures in the Franciscan Order, for “abuses of […]

Marko Rupnik and Faus’s letter

The recent open letter from the theologian José Ignacio González-Faus to his Jesuit brother Marko Rupnik, a renowned artist, and spiritual guide and who was canonically prosecuted and convicted for sexual assaults, deeply disappoints me because of what it says and what it does not say. I will begin by briefly commenting on some points […]

The truth will set us free

I am talking about the sexual abuse of minors that occurred within Catholic institutions in Spain. They are not 4 or 33 cases in the Basque Country, or 58 in Navarre, or 1246 cases in the Spanish State. They are very many more, a lot more, as it will be clear once they are known. […]