Ángel Mari Unzueta, travelling companion

In the tribute that his family and friends paid to him in Urkiola,  one year after his unexpected death:   I greet you, Ángel Mari, in this place that you loved so much, Urkiola, crossroads of paths. You also had to live at the crossroads of two eras and two Churches, and you opted without […]

Pope Francis and the [Spanish] 15M Movement

Because of the 10th anniversary of the 15M that started the movement of the outraged, today loaded with more reasons than 10 years ago, I have been asked to answer two questions: 1) Can Pope Francis be considered as one of the outraged?; 2) Does Francis’s synodality correspond to the time of the public squares […]

The Cock Crows

I am filled with astonishment and sorrow after reading the essay Oilarra kukuruka [The Cock Crows] (Erein 2020), which has just been published by Xipri Arbelbide, a Basque priest and friend from Heleta (Lower Navarre). It revolves around the death throes of the Catholic Church in our country, and I am astonished that the author […]