God as creativity of the Universe

Is it still worth talking about “God”? I do not honestly know, but, in spite of all doubts, for many people –and for myself- it is still a good way to speak about the deepest and best unspeakable Mystery of the universe, and an inspiring source of justice and peace in a world that needs […]

Creatures and creators in creation

The horrific destruction spreading across the Earth moves me to look at the profound mystery of creativity that inhabits it. We are the sons and daughters of creativity, and responsible for it. I am a creature of the air I breathe, of the blood that courses through my body, of the substances that nourish me, […]

“God”: the amazing creativity of the Universe

God is the most powerful symbol we have created. Shall we use the God word? It is our choice. Mine is a tentative “yes”. I want God to mean the vast ceaseless creativity of the only universe we know of, ours. What do we gain by using the God word? I suspect a great deal, […]