Jesus’ Easter and Universal Easter

Easter arrived again. It is the Easterof Jesus, the crucified prophet, the singular image for Christians of the universal hope for all crucified people. It is the Easter of the first full moon of spring that so many cultures have celebrated thousands of years before our Christian Era: Chinese, Indians, Sumerians, Babilonians and Jews, and […]

Jesus of Nazareth

How can we let you just be yourself, without diminishing you, without manipulating you? How, believing in you, can we not proclaim you to be Equal, more important, better than Christianism?… Jesus of Nazareth, son and brother, Living in God and yet bread in our hand, trail and companion for the day, profound liberator of […]

Life, death and resurrection of sexual morality

In the 30th year of the common era, better known in the “western world” as “A.D.”, when the first full moon of spring illuminated the night of Palestine, a young and free prophet called Jesus of Nazareth was arrested, summarily tried and sentenced by the Roman procurator to die on a cross at the request, […]