Javier Garrido. In God’s name?

A few days ago, the final judgment handed down by the Rota (ecclesiastical court) was made public; it harshly condemned the Navarrese Franciscan Javier Garrido, a master and spiritual companion of great authority, author of numerous books on spirituality and Christianity, and one of the most recognised figures in the Franciscan Order, for “abuses of […]

How many years in prison for sex offenders?

In October 2022 the Organic Law guaranteeing sexual freedom, more widely known as the “Only yes means yes” law, came into force in Spain. It stipulates that any sexual act without consent is now regarded as a crime of sexual assault, and the concept of mere “abuse” has been eliminated. The law covers any kind […]

Creatures and creators in creation

The horrific destruction spreading across the Earth moves me to look at the profound mystery of creativity that inhabits it. We are the sons and daughters of creativity, and responsible for it. I am a creature of the air I breathe, of the blood that courses through my body, of the substances that nourish me, […]

I want to choose the best

Our life, inseparably personal and collective at all times, is a complex story, which is also an inseparably personal and collective one involving countless choices. Each personal choice or decision is unique, implacable and unpredictable, and at the same time is the outcome determined by the infinite chain of all beings and relationships that make […]


The word empathy emerged in the 20th century to express the capacity to understand the feelings of others from right inside oneself. It is derived from the Greek empatheia, although, strictly speaking, this word means passion, affliction (en: inside; pathos: feeling, suffering). The Greek word to denote empathy was sympatheia (“to suffer with” the other […]

For Freedom

For freedom, I bleed, fight, survive. For freedom, my eyes and my hands, like a fleshy tree, generous and captive, I give to the surgeons. For freedom I feel more hearts in my chest than there are grains of sand: foam flows into my veins and I enter the hospitals, and enter in cotton balls […]


We do not want to belong to the world of frontiers made of walls. Where is the frontier between poverty and wealth, truth and lie, love and hatred, sea and land. Where is the frontier that separates people, that which so many pursue, that of birds that migrate in freedom, that of those who set […]