Christmas and the future of the human species

On 1 December, as the season called Advent (Coming) covering the four weeks leading up to Christmas was about to commence in the Christian liturgical calendar, Leonardo Boff’s weekly column was entitled “Are we approaching the end of the human species?” Basically, it reproduces a text published in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. For years […]

Penetrating the crevices of life

Life consists in opening cracks until finally understanding that that was the way to follow. And then I am again surprised by the capacity of life to find loopholes to let me continue creating. This is something that stuns me, as someone who well understands that life surpasses us and is beyond and above everything […]

Desmond Tutu, a light for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Died on December 26, the day after Christmas. He fought on all fronts: against apartheid, homophobia, inequality, racism, violence, racism and any violation of rights, as well as against a strict religious morality (which, for example, condemned euthanasia, contraceptives…). He always fought for peace and justice. And he was never complacent towards his Church, nor […]

A sea of small fires

A man from the village of Neguá, on the coast of Colombia, could go up to the high heaven. And, upon his return, he said That he had contemplated, from high above, the life of humans. And he said that we are like a sea of small fires. – The world is like that -he […]


The word empathy emerged in the 20th century to express the capacity to understand the feelings of others from right inside oneself. It is derived from the Greek empatheia, although, strictly speaking, this word means passion, affliction (en: inside; pathos: feeling, suffering). The Greek word to denote empathy was sympatheia (“to suffer with” the other […]


We do not want to belong to the world of frontiers made of walls. Where is the frontier between poverty and wealth, truth and lie, love and hatred, sea and land. Where is the frontier that separates people, that which so many pursue, that of birds that migrate in freedom, that of those who set […]

Loreto, a bright life

Loreto Rey Arnáiz has left an indelible memory in many people. Her task has been a permanent call to live joyfully in favour of others, particularly those who suffer the most in our world. She belonged to the Workers’ Vanguard Christian Community from its start, and suffered a multitude of searches by Franco’s police in […]