From the brother of Assisi to the brother of Rome

I never wanted to be important, just the lesser brother of the smallest ones and of all the forgotten ones. But, due to circumstances of history, the day on which I passed from this mortal life to the full Life became an important date for many sisters and brothers of evangelical dreams. My passing –which […]

Holy Week could make sense for non-Christians

Holy Week could make sense even for those who do not share the Christian myth, if it were a vindication, not of the brutal death of a single man two thousand years ago, but of the violated dignity of all those who were then victims of the viciousness of power, including those crucified with Jesus […]

Jesus of Nazareth

How can we let you just be yourself, without diminishing you, without manipulating you? How, believing in you, can we not proclaim you to be Equal, more important, better than Christianism?… Jesus of Nazareth, son and brother, Living in God and yet bread in our hand, trail and companion for the day, profound liberator of […]