The heart every day

The heart will always keep all the memories, all the journeys, all the landscapes, all the winters, all the waves with their beaches, all the rivers with their banks, all the laughter and tears, all the good and bad times. Only the heart saves us where we place the language of tenderness, the unreason of […]


           Rafa Redondo writes: My dear friends, It has been a while since my last newsletter. The existence of each and every one of us has changed somewhat. After nearly two years, I find myself in the body of an 80-year-old man in a delicate state of health that is affecting my capacity to receive […]

To Andrés Ortiz-Osés. Obituary

I remember you, Andrés, in the corridor of the University of Deusto, your smile like that of a young boy and ingenuity in your eyes, philosopher in walking sneakers, on the verge of saying an aphorism or a paradox. May you rest in peace, tireless hermeneut of the invisible in the visible.   Disolution as […]

For Freedom

For freedom, I bleed, fight, survive. For freedom, my eyes and my hands, like a fleshy tree, generous and captive, I give to the surgeons. For freedom I feel more hearts in my chest than there are grains of sand: foam flows into my veins and I enter the hospitals, and enter in cotton balls […]

Bird confidences

Faithful alarm clock and echo of so many human conversations that tell us what we do not sing: silent loves, exciting proposals, indecent reconciliations,fiery love, quieter struggles one step away from throwing in the towel. (Toño Martinez. This morning listening to a bird on my balcony) Translated from Spanish by Andrea González Tamayo


Press on, whenever we are surrounded by turmoil and noise, press on because peace dwells in silence. Live, if possible, live in harmony with everyone without betraying ourselves. Tell, tell our truth simply and clearly and never be tempted to impose it on anyone. Listen, listen attentively, to the ignorant and simple, too, because each […]

The glory of the flesh

About 2,700 years ago, the first Isaiah, an outstanding poet, wrote: For a child is born to us, a son is given to us; upon his shoulder dominion rests. They name him Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace (Is 9, 5). Seven centuries later, around 80 AD, a physician evangelist called Luke, another poet, described: […]

An abused woman

This happened about thirty years ago on the banks of the Ganges in Benares. A woman whose age could just as easily have been thirty or fifty, because of the way TB had taken its toll on her, was holding her young son in her arms and beside her was her daughter, who was about […]

The way to Life

The princes Pandavas, dethroned by their opponents, were found in exile. The youngest of the brothers went to find water. He got to a crystalline lake, but when he approached and bent to drink, he listened to a voice that said to him: -Stop! You will only be able to drink water from this lake […]

We will live life

You will live life,slowly and with open eyes.You will live the life God gave youjust beside the worm, the owl, the moon… You will live life,just as it is, with realism,but immersed in the magic of dreams,with that melody that wishes to sing to youthe mystique of God’s smile. You will live life,with the illusion […]