Solitude that hurts, solitude that heals

[Text of de Lecture given in the Library of the Autonomous Community of Navarra, March 27, 2023] When my friends who organize this series of lectures on “spirituality and suffering” asked me to talk about loneliness and suffering, the first thing that came to my mind –as it often occurs to me- was the […]

Some questions about “the female path”

Galo Martínez de la Pera continues his solitary reflection on community, the building of Basque citizenship and culture, feminism, the future of humanity and humanism. He does so with density and brilliance. He has just published Emearen bidea supergizakiaren aroan (“The Female Path in the Age of the Superman”) (Alberdania 2022), written in an excellent […]

Stop the invasion, promote politics

Brutality, atrocity, inhumanity, barbarism… entire dictionaries would not suffice to describe what we, powerless, stunned and anguished, are seeing these days on the plains and in the cities across Ukraine, in the heart of civilised Europe. How on earth did we manage –yes, in the first person plural– to reach this point in the 2020s […]