The pages I am presenting to you, dear reader, are much more than just a series of pertinent, well-documented, up-to-date reflections on spirituality. They are the reflective testimony of a lifetime. They are true words of witness. They exude the breath of life. Félix Placer, a free, dedicated man who at the age of 84 […]

Spirituality and Class Struggle

Following a recent talk on “spirituality and political liberation”(*), a friend wrote to me: “I would like you to share your view on spirituality and class struggle.” A good challenge in 2021, a year and time of so many pandemics, many more than that of COVID 19 in all its virulence. Here are some basic […]

To Javier Pagola. In memoriam

I celebrate your life, Javier, now that you have gone, now that you have stayed never to go away, now that you have once again become fully one with the Source of Being, now that you LIVE. Sorrow weighs heavily upon us, of course, because the light of your eyes so full of clarity and […]