Happiness of the gaze

Happy those who stop their gaze without haste, those who do not shy away from the others’ gaze. Happy those who fix their most attentive gaze on the most every day events, and apparently insignificant. Happy those whose immediate, daily problems do not prevent them from reach the horizon. Happy those whose eyes have been […]

Spirituality and Transcendence: how to live the old age

              (Lecture delivered in the SUMMER COURSES of the UPV-EHU –University of the Basque Country–, in the Course “Meaning and spirituality of life. Taking on new dimensions in the old age paradigms”, in Miramar Palace, Donostia-San Sebastian, September 13, 2021) I start these reflections with two biblical sentences and three introductory observations. “A rich experience […]

“Sophia perennis”: eternal wisdom

Sophia perennis, “eternal wisdom” is not a religion. It is the platform that gives us access to the experience of our true being. It is the essence of all religions, the experience of reality from which all religions stem and to which all confessions take us. Sophia perennis is the acknowledgement of the salvation message […]

Martin Mendizabal. Obituary

There was hardly any thanksgiving before a meal in the dining-room or a prayer in Mass that before the final Amen Martin would not make a comment: “what nonsense do we say about God!” “But, Martin –I would tell him every time- why do you pay such careful attention when we say those prayers? Think […]


Moderation is a fundamental virtue of life. And when I say “virtue” I am not referring to its moral, ascetic and religious meaning, but to its etymological sense: force. Moderation means calm life force, serene and invincible energy. It comprises sanity, restraint, temperance. Sanity: the sound judgement of cordiality. Restraint: the wisdom inspired by the […]

A spirituality without “God” to change civilization

To ever succeed, this new view needs to be soft spoken. You see, we can say, here is reality, is it not worthy of stunned wonder? What more could we want of a God? Yes, we give up a God who intervenes on our behalf. We give up heaven and hell. But we gain ourselves, […]

We will live life

You will live life,slowly and with open eyes.You will live the life God gave youjust beside the worm, the owl, the moon… You will live life,just as it is, with realism,but immersed in the magic of dreams,with that melody that wishes to sing to youthe mystique of God’s smile. You will live life,with the illusion […]