Memories, traces, hatreds

There are lights that do not go out, memories that won’t fade, hopes that are not lost, and people and facts that are not forgotten. Let us always think that in Life it is not so much the steps we have already taken that count, nor the steps we are taking…, but the footprints we […]

On the way to peace (I)

Defining PEACE, the fullness of all goodness, is not easy. We know what it is until we try to explain it or, in order to do so, we look it up in a dictionary, and then suddenly we realize how ignorant we are. But lacking peace is more painful than our ignorance. Will words help […]

The way to Life

The princes Pandavas, dethroned by their opponents, were found in exile. The youngest of the brothers went to find water. He got to a crystalline lake, but when he approached and bent to drink, he listened to a voice that said to him: -Stop! You will only be able to drink water from this lake […]