I stand by what I said

I stand by what I said: justice, in spite of the law and social habits, in spite of money and charity. Humility, to be myself. Liberty, to be a human being. And poverty, to be free. Christian faith, to walk in the night, and, above all, during the day. And in all, brethren, I stand […]

What I believe in…

I believe in God-Silence, mysterious Presence…in you, in me, in us, in the immensity.It is only omnipotent in Love.It is the Love, it is the Life, and it is the Breath…I know Jesus of Nazareth,our light waiting for the day…He was born in Galilee from a very young woman.He rose to purge his religion from […]

Faith in Humanity

Over dinner a few days ago Malen treated us to the reading of one of those remarks that she loves so much: “Aliens exist. The proof is that they don’t show up.” We laughed and then I pointed out: “Of course there are aliens and the best thing for them would be not to show […]