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I congratulate you, brother Flannery

I read that the Irish redemptorist priest Tony Flannery has definitely stood before the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith presided by the cardinal Luis Ladaria SJ. Congratulations, Brother Tony, as you are choosing life with its glory and cross! Tony Flannery was suspended from the clerical priesthood and condemned to the most […]

To come dawn from the summit of myself

“To come down from the summit of myself to the center of myself. A place with no other sign than the pure absence of signs; incipient springing of the dawn, whose sun expands on its own back, where I am not. Place without place, on the frontiers of the air, where the divinity learned to […]

Murderer of the UCA martyrs is convicted

A decisive step has just been taken along the path towards justice for those murdered in 1989 at the UCA Jesuit university (Republic of San Salvador) during that black moonlit dawn: the Jesuits Segundo Montes, Ignacio Ellacuría, Amando López, Ignacio Martín-Baró, Juan Ramón Moreno and Joaquín López, the cook at the Jesuit residence Julia Elba […]

The night and the dawn

“I’m shouted at from Seir: ‘Lookout, how much is left of the night? Lookout, how much is left of the night? The lookout answers: ‘The morning will come and the evening will come too. If you want to ask again, come back” (Prophet Isaiah 21, 11-12). The exegete comments: “It is the night on the […]

Papacy for another century

In 1995, Pope John Paul II in the Encyclical Ut unum sint expressed willingness to seek a new way of exercising the primacy of the Bishop of Rome as a ministry of communion for all the Churches. The proposal sparked interest in all churches, but was quite soon forgotten. In the pages that follow I […]

The Spirit that moans in all beings

 Notes for a liberating eco-spirituality.   Or notes for eco-liberating spirituality. Whichever. An authentic spirituality, whether religious or not, is essentially ecological. An ecological spirituality is necessarily liberating, and a liberating spirituality is necessarily ecological. And only an ecological and liberating life is truly “spiritual” regardless of whether it is or is not coated in […]