I lost the Rudder

I lose the mountain
in the thirsty coal that cries out to the cloud.

I lose the Rudder
using my compass in search of shortcuts.
Threatened in the absence
at the crossroads of paths,
my Light hesitates.

I tremble in the sudden swing
of every emotion,
when the “ego” gets hold of it.
I get stuck in the mud
like a little red frog
wanting to rise to the surface,
like a fog that erases my Path.

It gets difficult to feel One with the Universe
and I don’t find the Peace I need.

When I recover the deep Silence
and without effort I abandon myself,
again the arrow appears into the void,
shooting into infinity.
Attention lies in the Attention.

¿Why if my words are so easy
and my appearance so sacred,
why… being essence, rudder, dawn,
the bull’s eye doesn’t come to my House
and I lose my Greatness?

I simply forgot to Be.

(Nora in www.espiritualidadpamplona-irunea.org)

Translated into English by Andrea González Tamayo.