Michel Berhocoirigoin. The death of a righteous man

At the age of 69, before his time, Michel Berhocoirigoin left us quietly and peacefully. He was a big soul of the Basque country.

Farmer, trader unionist, militant of the countryside, peasant of all struggles.

He was brought to justice after he had registered in Basque the name of the farmer’s union he had founded. He was also arrested for working in favour of the disarmament and end of ETA and the destruction of its weapons. He devoted body and soul to the resolution of the consequences of all kinds of violence, the release of prisoners, reconciliation and coexistence.

He was a man of convictions, sincere, visionary, without enemies, respected by everyone.

He was a good man who did not know how to live or feel happy without committing himself to the good life of all.

A man inspired by the Beatitudes, the Sermon of the Mountain, and the Parable of the Good Samaritan…the spirit of Jesus.

He was a lover of the mountains, of the earth and peace.

“Artisan of peace”, Michel, may you rest in peace.

(Aizarna, 12 May 2021)

Translated from Spanish by Andrea González Tamayo