Praying You,
I get close
without arriving.

Prayer is present in all beings
as an impulse towards their source.

While I beg,
I exile from the one Who is in what is given
and I turn away from the one Who lies
in what I live in.

One knows it will be Sea
-it is-,
but what it wishes now
is to contemplate like the Other from itself.

Look and being looked
and slowly being taken into the depth of its swell.

When, deep into the Sea,
when we become sea,
we’ll be totalised,
all the senses of the body and soul combined
in a fullness-emptiness
that here we do not have words to describe.

But in this stage of the tour
there is still a need to identify with a self
of separate contours
from which to contemplate
the You
of the Infinite Sea.

Prayer is possible
there are

When all isfulfilled,
there will be no word
prayer won’t be needed
because everything will be full
of Presence.

The moment has not come yet.
It is the time of the joy that comes
from the touch of closeness
before the union is consummated.

(Javier Melloni, Sed de ser)

Translated from Spanish by Andrea González Tamayo